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We Want Your VI Package Manager Ideas

Oct 10, 2011 9:55:28 AM Published by Michael Aivaliotis Leave a comment

Today I'm pleased to announce the VI Package Manager Idea Exchange. Modeled after the National Instruments LabVIEW Idea Exchange, the VIPM Idea Exchange is a collaboration tool that enables VIPM users and VIPM developers to work together to submit ideas and determine the direction of VIPM.

VIPM Idea Exchange

We need your help to make the Idea Exchange a success. You can participate in several ways:

  • Submit your own ideas – Is VIPM missing something? Is there a task that is painful for you that you wish VIPM could solve? Are we just doing it wrong? Tell us!
  • Vote for existing ideas – Show your support for other ideas by voting for them. Ideas with more votes carry more weight with the development team.
  • Comment on existing ideas – Help clarify and expand on ideas submitted by other users to make their ideas better.

Join the VIPM Idea Exchange today! The development cycle for VIPM 2012 will be starting soon, so get your ideas submitted before the window closes.

We will be reviewing the activity on the Idea Exchange throughout VIPM's development. The more popular an idea is, the more likely we are to include it in the next version of VIPM. Don't be afraid to submit off-the-wall ideas or things that you think are outside "normal" VIPM usage. We want VIPM to be the best tool to create, use, and distribute LabVIEW add-ons of every kind, so it's important that we hear from you, no matter how you use VIPM.

The Lifecycle of an Idea

The VIPM Idea Exchange is about two-way communication between you (the users) and us (the developers). To keep you updated on the status of all the ideas, we've created the process below. Ideas progress through the following stages:

  • Under Review – New ideas start here. The VIPM developer team will review this idea and decide what to do next. An idea can go into the Planned stage or the Declined stage next.
  • Planned – This idea is slated for a future VIPM release. There is still no guarantee that an idea will make it into the final product, but the likelihood is high.
  • Started – This idea is under active development (design and coding) for the next major VIPM release.
  • Completed – This idea has been implemented for the next VIPM release. Development is complete and it will ship with the product.
  • Declined – This idea has been rejected. We'll provide a reason accompanying the response.

Special Thanks

JKI would like to extend a special thank-you to everyone who helped out during the beta period of the VIPM Idea Exchange. You know who you are. Your feedback and help working out the kinks and submitting the first few dozen ideas has been invaluable.

Now tell us what you want VIPM to do!

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