Automate validation and testing using JKI's software tools and expert services.



| Focus on Your Core IP and Let JKI Automate the Rest

Partner with a company that allows you to focus on developing the unique technology for your application. Around the world, our software tests rocket engines and automates advanced vacuum chambers for companies leading the space revolution. Our tools allow you to seamlessly integrate with Python, LabVIEW, and .NET.


Validation and Reliability Testing
Leverage JKI's frameworks and software expertise to deploy test and validation systems that require 24/7 uptime and are compatible with most test standards.


Manufacturing Ready
JKI's software is production ready! You can leverage the same codebase to transition from R&D to fully automated test and validation on the manufacturing floor.


Test in the Harshest of Environments 
Use JKI's embedded software tools and experience to build test systems for mission-critical applications that can't fail. Our software runs on real-time and FPGA embedded targets.

Photograph of JKI's customer Apollo Fusion's ACE thruster in operation.

"It’s been great working with JKI. Their software tools, consultation, and engineers help speed up our development while keeping our burn rate low."
 Mike Cassidy
CEO at Apollo Fusion

Customer Success Stories

Apollo UI
Apollo Fusion Accelerates the Launch of Modern Satellite Constellations

Apollo Fusion is looking to accelerate the launch of modern satellite constellations with their innovative Hall thruster technology. They partnered with JKI to develop software to quickly and reliably test and manufacture thrusters for the new space age..


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