Use JKI's software tools and expert services to accelerate development of your biotech and medical products. 



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JKI helps biotechnology corporations and startups automate research, prototype products, and get instruments to market quickly. Our expert services include software development, hardware integration, and FDA compliance. Our tools easily integrate with Python and LabVIEW.


Accelerated R&D 

Accelerate your research by leveraging JKI's automation frameworks for LabVIEW and Python. Our tools are compatible with hardware from all major vendors in the industry. 


Manufacturing Automation 

Quickly go from R&D to manufacturing. We know this transition is difficult, but our automation frameworks and experience allow you to maximize code reusability and reduce risk.


FDA Compliance 


Ensure that your software is compliant with FDA regulations from day one. Our tools and expertise make sure that compliance is maintained along the way and there's no surprises later.


This compilation of screenshots shows the software JKI developed for Profusa's Lumee™ Oxygen Platform. 

"JKI helped ensure our software met the FDA’s standards.
They really improved our code and helped get our documentation in order."
Dr. Leon DeJournett
Chief Medical Officer, Ideal Medical Technologies

Customer Success Stories


LabVIEW Accelerates Next Generation DNA Sequencing 

Thermo Fisher Scientific, a world leader in scientific instrumentation, teamed up with JKI to produce a complete software solution to operate a trio of products that prepares samples for next-generation DNA sequencing.

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Kinetic River Enables Cutting-Edge Biomedical Research

Cutting-edge biomedical research! Learn how Kinetic River designed a fully-customizable flow cytometer and how JKI developed an intuitive and flexible software suite for data acquisition and control.


Take your software from R&D to FDA validation for clinical trials.