Automate your wafer manufacturing and inspection systems using JKI's software tools and expert services.



| Focus on Your Core IP and Let JKI Handle the Rest

Partner with a company that allows you to focus on developing the unique technology for your application. JKI works with industry leaders by providing software that accelerates development and deployment of semiconductor metrology tools in Fabs and R&D centers across the globe. Our tools allow you to seamlessly integrate with Python, LabVIEW, and .NET.


Wafer Layout + Alignment
Achieve high-precision wafer metrology and inspection by leveraging intuitive wafer layout software and accurate machine vision alignment.


Automated Wafer Inspection
Empower your custom inspection IP with a high-throughput, fully-automated process. Define, execute, and manage test data to run inline during semiconductor manufacturing.



Fab Integration 

Quickly integrate your system into Fabs using standard semiconductor factory automation software and protocols. Do you use PEER Group's PTO™ software? We do too!
"We greatly value our relationship with JKI because their highly-skilled team collaborates so well with us. Their engineers can solve even the toughest technical challenges. JKI has significantly accelerated our R&D process, which has been critical to getting our successful SEM tool to market."
Yoram Schwarz
Director of Software Engineering, PDF Solutions

Customer Success Stories

Group 2-1
Next-Generation Scanning Electron Microscope

JKI worked with PDF Solutions to develop the control software for an inspection tool that can rapidly perform wafer metrology and help semicon companies streamline their manufacturing process.



Non-Destructive Wafer Inspection

Using JKI's tools and services allowed FemtoMetrix to field a fully operational wafer-defect detection system at a production semiconductor fab on a very aggressive schedule.


Seamless Integration with PEER Group's PTO™

PEE Group PTO Integration