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Partner with a company that allows you to focus on developing the unique technology for your application. JKI works with leading energy corporations and startups by providing software that automates, tests, and control complex systems across the globe. Our tools allow you to seamlessly integrate with external devices using standard industrial protocols.



Safety and Reliability

Leverage JKI's proven software frameworks and hardware expertise to deploy systems in mission-critical applications and 24/7 uptime. Around the world, our software runs the systems that cannot fail.


Embedded Control
Leverage rugged real-time controllers and FPGA's in order to achieve even the most complex control requirements. Need microsecond control rates? Let's chat!


Industrial Integration 


Communicate with facilities, supervisory systems, and external devices via OPC, Modbus, DNP3, and other industrial protocols. We make distributed applications look easy.

P&ID Corvus Cygnus

Test automation platform developed by JKI for Kairos Power's advanced nuclear power plant research.

“JKI built our software in a way that enabled us to apply it to future tests. The modular framework allows us to leverage it for new tests without much handholding.”
Dr. Nicolas Zweibaum
Senior Manager of Engineering Testing, Kairos Power

Customer Success Stories

Controlling Zinc-flow Batteries and Switch-Mode Power Regulation for Megawatt-scale Energy Storage

Primus Power partnered with JKI when it came time to develop commercial systems for shipment to customers. JKI and Primus Power earned two National Instruments Engineering Impact Awards at NIWeek 2015 for their work together on this project.

Kairos Power Lab 1
Kairos Power’s Advanced Reactor Aims to Make Nuclear a Cost-Competitive Clean Energy

The future of nuclear power! Learn how Kairos Power is using an agile approach to developing their advanced nuclear reactor and how JKI partnered with them to develop a modular and scalable software infrastructure for their test lab using Python and LabVIEW.


Seamless communication using industry standards