TuCAN Viewer by JKI




User-friendly Software for High-Performance CAN Bus Communication

TuCAN-View helps you quickly prototype, test, and validate your CAN applications with a polished and easy-to-use software interface. It allows you to view data in tables and graphs, transmit messages manually or periodically at user-determined rates, and record message traffic to log files. Plus, it works with all NI-CAN devices using NI-XNET!


TuCAN-View supports USB, C-series, and PXI/PCI CAN devices from NI

PXI FlexRay
C-Series Multi-protocol

Prototype, Simulate and Test your CAN bus networks faster than ever.

Engineers love the high-performance capabilities of NI-CAN devices powered by the NI-XNET driver, especially when working on systems with high-signal-count or low-latency requirements. TuCAN-VIEW provides a highly-polished user interface for bench-top prototyping and testing these systems, allowing you to easily view, transmit, and record data using any NI-XNET CAN device. This allows you to get your application up and running quickly!


Get your project started quickly with these easy-to-use features

TuCAN-VIEW has everything you'd expect to help you get started communicating and interacting  with your CAN hardware devices, with an exceptional user experience.


Send and Receive CAN Frames

Display all incoming frames.

Define transmit frames to send on-demand or send periodically using hardware timing.


"Record/Trace" Message Data Log Files

• Automatically save all sent and received message frames (with timestamps) to a CSV (*.csv) data log file.


Save and Recall Transmit Frames Configurations

• Transmit Frames (*.xmt) files contain a list of predefined frames to transmit.

• Save and recall settings for each of your projects or device test configurations.


Graph Selected Incoming Frame Data Over Time.

• See data/message trends and events in a graphical plot.

• Select multiple messages to plot.

System Requirements

PC running Windows 10, and compatible NI-CAN hardware supported by the NI-XNET driver.


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