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Learn about Source Code Control and LabVIEW Web UI Builder at Bay Area LVUG - Feb 22nd

Feb 21, 2011 9:30:51 AM Published by JKI Leave a comment

Don't miss the first Bay Area LabVIEW User Group Meeting of 2011, coming up on Tuesday, February 22nd at The Lookout in Santa Clara. The event kicks off at 5:45 PM with networking and free food.

Erik Johnson of NI will be demoing the new LabVIEW Web UI Builder, a LabVIEW Development Environment in "the cloud" that is a peek into the future of LabVIEW and available for use today! He will also be giving an overview of source code control tools and techniques for LabVIEW.

JKI founder Jim Kring will demo the JKI TortoiseSVN Tool for LabVIEW and talk about the next big thing: Distributed Version Controls Systems (DVCS) and the benefits they will bring to software engineering in LabVIEW.  As Joel Spolsky says: "If you are using Subversion, stop it. Just stop. Subversion = Leeches. Mercurial and Git = Antibiotics. We have better technology now."

Full details and registration are available on the Bay Area LabVIEW User Group page on NI's Community site.

We hope to see you there!

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