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Grid-Scale Energy Storage Powered by LabVIEW

Jun 2, 2015 9:59:54 AM Published by Jim Kring Leave a comment

Primus Power is a leader in low-cost, grid-scale electrical energy storage solutions with a safe, scalable, distributed flow battery system that economically serves multiple storage applications. With patented innovations in chemistry, cell design and system engineering, the company’s products offer exceptional power density and portability at industry-low prices.
Having already developed a lab prototype using LabVIEW, Primus Power teamed up with us to help develop commercial systems for shipment to customers.

EnergyPod with 14 EnergyCells EnergyPod with 14 EnergyCells

EnergyCell Battery EnergyCell Battery

The Challenge: Creating a system to control the electrochemical process of an industrial zinc-flow battery and to regulate and synchronize the DC power of multiple zinc-flow batteries connected in series for delivery onto the AC power grid.

The Solution: Using LabVIEW and multiple CompactRIO controllers to develop a real-time distributed system to control multiple zinc flow-batteries and LabVIEW FPGA for high-speed control and regulation of their DC power to and from the AC power grid.

Want to learn how LabVIEW helps control a flow battery for industrial energy storage and see how Primus Power's system works? Read the full case study, Controlling Zinc-flow Batteries and Switch-Mode Power Regulation for Megawatt-scale Energy Storage.

Primus Power Case Study Icon

Additional Images (click to enlarge)

Energy Storage Applications Energy Storage Applications

EnergyPod System Architecture EnergyPod System Architecture

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