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NIWeek 2012: "Secret Sauce: Tools to Make You a Better LabVIEW Developer" Video & Slides Now Available

Sep 7, 2012 9:30:40 AM Published by Justin Goeres Leave a comment

This year I decided to do something a little bit different for NIWeek: an explicitly non-LabVIEW technical session! Obviously we all love LabVIEW and it's why we're all thrilled to get up and go to our jobs each morning, but how much time do you really spend writing code each week? It's likely that a lot of your time is spent elsewhere – processing bugs, managing projects, communicating with customers, etc. In this technical session, I focus on all the tools we use at JKI besides LabVIEW, to take the pain out of all that business-critical non-coding time.

Thanks again to everyone who attended. For those of you who were there, your enthusiasm and your questions/comments made it a great experience for me and (hopefully) for the rest of the attendees. If you missed it, don't worry – see the video and slides below!

What tools do you use to help you work smarter? Add your thoughts in the comments.


Video in part courtesy of Tecnova's Mark Balla, LabVIEW Champion and friend of JKI. Thanks, Mark!



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