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Recent Improvements to the JKI State Machine Editor

May 27, 2017 10:45:47 AM Published by JKI Leave a comment

JKI recently announced the JKI State Machine Editor, a great new tool that makes it even easier for developers to use the JKI State Machine by automating common tasks and exposing the user to more great features and best practices for using the JKI State Machine.

Well, we've recently made several minors improvements and fixes since the initial release, based on your great feedback and testing:

  • It's now faster to launch and use
  • The UI is more responsive and streamlined
  • We've fixed some minor annoyances

The JKI State Machine Editor makes it even easier to create LabVIEW apps with the JKI State Machine

Thank you to all the LabVIEW community members for reporting issues and making suggestions for helping us built out our feature roadmap and wishlist. You can see what's new here in the list of releases.

click here to download and use the JKI State Machine Editor today

If you have feature requests, issues to report, or just want to say "hi," you can reach us on twitter @jkisoftware or contact us directly.



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