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VIPM 2013 Now Available

May 13, 2013 7:13:25 AM Published by JKI Leave a comment


VI Package Manager 2013 is here! Click here to download it. VIPM 2013 continues the refinement and improvement of VIPM for LabVIEW teams and add-on creators.

This year's update makes VIPM easier to use and maintain on multiple machines, adds new features suggested by users on the VIPM Idea Exchange, and brings the Mac version of VIPM up to date with the Windows build.

If you're already a VIPM Pro user, your upgrade is either free or $349. For new purchases, VIPM Pro is still just $499. Of course, VIPM Free is always free for everyone.

Here are a few of the most important changes in VIPM 2013. For full details, read the release notes or just go to the download page to get started.

Package Building Improvements

  • Support for .ctl files in the Functions palette. Now you can add controls/typedef's to your package's Functions palette. When you drop them on the block diagram, you'll get a constant.
  • Better Pre- and Post-build action handling. VIPM 2013 does a better job of handling pre- and post-build actions in error situations, and also prompts the user if they try to execute an action that's disallowed in VIPM Free.
  • Improvements to license file management for users who do their own custom license binding.

Repository Management Improvements

  • Multiple Repository Management. Switch between multiple VI Package Repositories without leaving the Repository Manager window.
  • Easier Package Publishing. Publish packages by dragging them from the VIPM Main Window into your Repository window.

VIPM Installer Improvements

  • No more separate Run-Time Engine download. The Windows and Mac VIPM installers both contain the necessary components of the LabVIEW RTE, so installation is a breeze.
  • Silent command-line install support. VIPM can now be installed silently from the command line, to enable automated installation.

Mac OS X version in sync with Windows

Until now, the latest version of VIPM for Mac OS X has been VIPM 2010. This release brings the Mac version back up to parity with its Windows cousin. Mac users can take advantage of everything VIPM has to offer:

  • Repository Management
  • Package Building
  • VIPC File Creation
  • ...and more.


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