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Announcing the New "Magic Delay Fairy" Tool for LabVIEW

Apr 1, 2015 12:01:36 AM Published by JKI Leave a comment

JKI is pleased to announce the release of the new Magic Delay Fairy Tool for LabVIEW,  a revolutionary new tool for LabVIEW developers working to solve some of the toughest system timing and synchronization challenges.

Here's how this tool can help...

Some Bugs Need Fairy Power

Let's say you have a bug in your code shows up as an intermittent problem. Often times, adding a perfectly timed delay into your code can cause the problem to go away... almost like magic.

.                                           DelayMagic Delay Fairy

For example, say you're configuring an instrument's voltage range (sending the "CONF:VOLT:RANG 0,10" command)  and then querying a measurement (sending "MEAS:VOLT?"). Sometimes the voltage is out of range and sometimes it's not -- the instrument gives you a beep, letting you know it's not happy. In this situation, inserting a "magic" delay between your configuration and measurement steps might help.

Here's a video that shows what we mean...


Before Magic Delay: Code is not working! :(

Before Magic Delays

After Magic Delays: Code is "working"! :)

Magic Delay After

How does this tool work?

The Magic Delay Fairy fixes race conditions in your code by inserting magical delays into your code that are specifically tuned using advanced magical algorithms to fix your race conditions. Don't ask how it works, because it's magic.

Warning! You may be so excited by this great tool, you may want to prance and frolic.


Act Now! Download and Install the JKI Magic Delay Fairy Today!

Download and Install the JKI Magic Delay Fairy using VIPM.


Special Thanks

- Norm Kirchner for doing the magic fairy dance
- The guy whose face is on Norm's presentation about the Magic Delay Fairy (we'll update this description later)
- Gavin Burnell for awesome Scripting Tools.
-  Brian Hoover and Yair on LAVA for help getting screen coordinates of GObject on Block Diagram
- Darren Nattinger for making QuickDrop awesomeness
- OpenG for the Wait (ms) VI with error handling :)
- Everyone at JKI who contributed to this tool

Join The Discussion

What will you do with the JKI Magic Delay Fairy?  Will it save your project?  Your job?  Your life? Tell us in the comments below!

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