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Interview with Dr. Giacomo Vacca: Enabling Cutting-Edge BioMed Research

Dec 1, 2020 12:46:43 PM Published by JKI Leave a comment

In this interview, we talked to Dr. Giacomo Vacca, Founder and President at Kinetic River, a startup in the San Francisco Bay Area that develops cutting-edge biomedical instruments.

Kinetic River was founded in 2010 by Giacomo Vacca, who holds a Ph.D. in applied physics from Stanford University and has over 50 patents in microfluidics, including a technology that boosted flow cytometry throughput by a factor of 30.


It was a pleasure talking to Giacomo and learning more about their technology and how it is enabling biomedical research. Here's what we discussed:

  • What does Kinetic River do? (0:20)
  • What is flow cytometry? (1:00)
  • What's different about Kinetic's technology? (2:00)
  • Label-free biomedical research and why is it attractive (4:30)
  • Label-free cancer research (7:00)
  • COVID-19 detection using flow cytometry (8:50)
  • The Potomac flow cytometry platform (10:40)
  • Water-quality research in Naples, Italy (12:30)
  • How's Kinetic River's typical customer (13:40)
  • How JKI helped Kinetic River build their state-of-the-art software (15:55)
  • The process of designing Panama software suite (19:25)
  • Building robust biomedical analysis software (22:35)
  • How Kinetic River got started (24:30)
  • Going from working at Abbott Labs to founding Kinetic River (26:52)
  • Giacomo's recommendations for people looking to innovate in the biosciences (27:35)


We hope you enjoy this interview and you can read our full case study with Kinetic River using the link below :)


Kinetic River Case Study


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