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Quick Trick - Tab Across Clusters in LabVIEW UIs

Mar 24, 2017 9:55:18 AM Published by Danielle Jobe Leave a comment

When creating a user interface it's nice to be able to hit the tab key on the keyboard to toggle between selected controls. Generally this is given to you more or less for free, unless you have UI elements within clusters. LabVIEW doesn't automatically let you tab into or out of clusters, which can be frustrating and confusing for users.

Have you ever gotten yourself or your user stuck in a cluster that you just can’t tab out of? Did you try setting the tab order and realize that you can’t set it for elements within a cluster? I feel your pain. Check out my Quick Trick and see how to work around this and tab your way into user interface bliss in just a couple of minutes.

Tags: example, LabVIEW, user interface, video, Quick Trick, tutorial

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