Software Development
We know software. From augmenting your software development team to becoming your software department, to recruiting and training your staff, we’ve got you covered.
Automation Solutions

We’ve built hundreds of large systems from industrial automation, to manufacturing test, to embedded control, and more. We know what it takes to quickly build and deploy highly-reliable systems.

We have vast experience in professional software and product design. We build software your end users will enjoy, your team will be proud of, and investors will love!

"JKI is passionate about helping talented teams of scientists and engineers get their innovative technology to market fast. Let us be the catalyst that accelerates your R&D!"

Founder and CEO at JKI

“JKI built its software in a way that enabled us to apply it to future tests. The modular code allows us to apply it future tests without much handholding.”

"JKI helped us with the code, helped us get our documentation in order, and helped ensure the software met the FDA’s standards."

"It’s been great working with JKI. We can have their tools and consultants who can help speed up our development while keeping our burn rate low."

Let's turn your ideas into product solutions!