The LabVIEW - JKI State Machine Online Course 50% Off


The JKI State Machine Course is a self-paced online course that teaches you the structured practices necessary to create high-quality LabVIEW applications, quickly. Register for a limited time for only $199 (more than 50% off)!

Register for $199

Watch a preview of the LabVIEW Sequencer you'll create:


The processes and techniques covered in this course will help you: 

  • Use state machines to create useful real-world applications

  • Build a measurement signal plotter to chart DAQ I/O

  • Add new features to your applications

  • Build a sequencer that sets DAQ I/O values

  • Discover JKI State Machine best practices to avoid common pitfalls of application development

  • Learn advanced techniques for messaging between loops and processes using Dynamic Event.


Unlike NI’s basic LabVIEW courses, you'll learn how to quickly create real test and measurement applications from a set of feature requirements, using a well-designed application template and architecture: the JKI State Machine.  

Register for $199

What you get:

37 Video Lessons
Each module contains video lessons to guide you through the concepts (14 hours of videos in total).
6 Real World Exercises (with Video Solutions)
You will build a signal plotter and a sequencer. You'll also learn a development workflow to use in projects.
Short quizzes inside the course to check your understanding of the concepts.


2 Working Example Applications & Resources
VIs, downloadable signal plotter and sequencer projects, and quick reference guides to help you apply the material on your projects.

Access from anywhere
Get up to 1 year of access to self-paced online curriculum. Lessons are desktop and mobile friendly.