Download and Install

1. Requirements

The toolkit requires LabVIEW 2014 or later. 

2. Download Toolkit

Click the button below to download the JKI Flat UI Controls Toolkit for LabVIEW package file.


Download Now!

3. Internet Explorer Users, Change File Extension

Some versions of Internet Explorer change the file extension from .vip to .zip. Change the file extension back to .vip so that VIPM recognizes it.

4. Install The Toolkit using VIPM

Double click the toolkit file to install it using VI Package Manager (VIPM). Double clicking the file will open VIPM. If you don't have VIPM installed, you an download it for free from here.  

5. Use The Toolkit

To use the flat controls provided by the toolkit open LabVIEW and navigate to your controls palentte. You will have a "JKI Flat" palette item at the top level of the controls palette under which you will find all the UI controls.