NIWeek 2016 Presentation with JKI Engineer Sarah Zalusky



As software becomes more complex and interconnected, interfacing between programming languages grows increasingly important. At this session, get a practical guide to integrating your LabVIEW code with any .NET application. You achieve seamless integration by building LabVIEW code into a .NET assembly and using ZeroMQ (a lightweight message queueing software) to add support for event-driven interactions. This practical guide includes steps to create such an interface for your LabVIEW code (and exercise it in C#) and tips to avoid the common pitfalls of creating interops in LabVIEW.  


You’ll learn: 

  • Interface design best practices
  • How to create a .NET interop assembly with LabVIEW?
  • How to call LabVIEW interface from C#?
  • How to add support for event driven architectures using ZeroMQ?

Duration: 60 minutes

Level: Intermediate

About the Presenter


Sarah Zalusky

Sarah Zalusky is a Senior Project Engineer and Certified LabVIEW Architect at JKI. She has been instrumental in the design and deployment of many complex LabVIEW applications for industries including Semidconductor, Wind Energy, Biotech, and Particle Physics research applications. Sarah recieved her BA in Physics from the Univiersity of California, Berkeley in 2010.